PANASONIC DMP-BDT500 3D Wi-Fi All Zone Multi Region Code Free Blu Ray DVD Player FLAGSHIP 2 X HDMI 32Bit Dacs 2D/3D Conversion PHL wow..

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FLAGSHIP Panasonic 3D Wi-Fi DMP-BDT 500

2D to 3D EFFECT, Skype Capable 

2 HDMi Outputs, 32 Bit Audio DACs

100~240V 50/60Hz


It’s great to see Panasonic back challenging the likes of Denon, Marantz, and Onkyo with a high-end, audiophile-focused Blu-ray player, and thanks to its superlative picture and sound quality, coupled with a killer feature list, it’s better value than the brands above can offer. You can rely on the DMP-BDT500 to deliver stunning high resolution images in full HD 1080p as well as 3D content to create an immersive, wraparound experience in your own living room. Whether it's the latest Blockbuster hit on Blu-ray or a classic film on DVD, this disc player is capable of providing rich, vivid images fine tuned with Panasonic's PHL processing. And to give you the full cinematic experience, it supports several high resolution audio formats from Dolby and DTS so you can enjoy a detailed sound field whether you have a surround sound system or just two speakers

  "Advanced Chipped "PRO" Hardware Modified"

Multi Zone Blu Ray A+B+C Region Code Free DVD 012345678

100~240V 50/60Hz

System: NTSC/PAL DVD Region 012345678 BD Zone Blu-ray: A/B/C

Multiregion Blu-ray Disc player with 3D™ Disc playback and built-in Wi-Fi

This player has been UNLOCKED to play both Blu-ray region A/B/C, as well as DVD region 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. (regionfree)

Switching between the Blu-ray zones is performed using the original remote control. The DVD region is selected automatically.

The Blu-ray player is updated to the latest firmware version, and is fully upgradeable with official firmware updates.

Take your home theater experience to the next level with Panasonic's DMP-BDT500 Smart Network 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player. Feature-rich and built to wow, this showpiece is more than a Blu-ray player. While it pairs seamlessly with any HDTV, it also features Skype video calling, online streaming, support for interactive movie extras, and it even lets you kick back and use your iPhone as a remote control.

One of the DMP-BDT500's biggest boasts is that it has twin HDMI outputs for audio and video. This means you can hook it up to a legacy A/V receiver and still enjoy 3D video with HD audio soundtracks simultaneously, even if your receiver lacks HDMI ports.

The Panasonic DMP-BDT500 boots up and loads discs quickly (41 seconds to start playing Terminator Salvation) and as expected it’s a sensational picture performer with Blu-ray discs. It resolves fine detail with an acuity bordering on the life-like, making pictures look sharper and more textured than any rival at this price point – and even many pricier decks. Blacks are incredibly deep when they need to be – like the inky recesses of space during Thor – yet the deck has the sensitivity to pick out shadows and gradated tones during dark scenes, ensuring you miss none of the detail or texture.

And colours look positively gorgeous too. Slip a disc like Avatar in the tray and vivid hues explode from the screen, looking bright and rich but never garish. Skin tones, whether blue or peachy, are nicely balanced and natural, and in complex areas where various bright colours clash (like the flora lining the floors of Pandora’s rainforests) the sharply contained edges contribute to the amazing clarity.

These qualities apply whether you’re watching in two or three dimensions, likewise the graceful and judder-free motion. It doesn’t even wobble when handling the Silicon Optix HQV disc – every test is crisply resolved and free from artefacts, except for a touch of flicker on some of the boxes on the Film Resolution Loss test. Great pictures then, but it’s with sound that the DMP-BDT500 really excels. Music on CD sounds wonderfully smooth, open and engaging with twinkling high frequencies and pleasing bass weight.

Complex, fast-paced beats are snappy and forceful, while vocals soar and brass solos are easy on the ear. Network streamed music sounds great too, particularly FLAC files, but even lower bit-rate MP3s benefit from the DMP-BDT500’s high-quality circuitry. As we’ve found on previous Panasonic decks the Digital Tube Sound modes lend an pleasing layer of richness and punch. This extra sonic prowess is worth the added premium if you’re rocking a high-end system that can really make the most of it.

This ‘high grade audio design’ includes a Quad Burr Brown 192kHz/32-bit DAC arrangement for the 7.1-channel outputs, with twin power regulators supplying digital and analogue power separately. It also boasts audiophile grade capacitors.

Another feature unique to the DMP-BDT500 is High Clarity Sound Plus, which is designed to eliminate detrimental interference. The Uniphier chip inside the BDT500 combines several circuit blocks into a single chip, which already eliminates noise by reducing the connections between chips on the circuit board.

But in the past, Panasonic found there was still some noise within the Uniphier chip that affected sound quality, so it has introduced power management technology to shut down blocks that aren’t being used, according to the content being played. So when playing a CD, for example, the digital and analogue video blocks are shut down.

Elsewhere, the Jitter Purifier aims to improve audio playback through the HDMI output, while Digital Tube Sound mimics the characteristics of vacuum tube amplifiers in six different settings.

On the video side, the DMP-BDT500 once again uses Panasonic’s PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus, which aims to cleanly and accurately reproduce colours, plus the Motion Adaptive Chroma Upsampling feature has been redesigned to improve the quality of 3D pictures.

And talking of 3D, the built-in 2D-to-3D conversion can now be applied to Viera Connect content, so those skateboarding ducks on YouTube will zoom right out of the screen towards you. There’s improved P4HD upscaling onboard too, plus DVDs and web content can be played at 24fps, which gives a filmic, judder-free picture on a compatible TV with any content

High Grade Audio Parts
High-precision audio processing by four independent 192kHz, 32-bit audio DACs for 7.1-channel sound ensure minimal noise. Highly durable corrosion-resistant gold-plated terminals maintain the high sound quality. The same high-grade capacitors found in top-class audio components are used for the signal and power supply circuits. The result is substantially less distortion, with smooth high frequencies and deep, rich bass. Insulators suppress housing vibration, greatly reducing noise interference and enabling faithful reproduction even of weak signal nuances that might otherwise be masked by vibration

Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback
The advanced 2D image technologies of the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory have also been applied to 3D image playback, providing high quality images of the film that is approaching that of film. Lifelike 3D for beautifully reproduced images that leap off the screen with enhanced depth, luster and texture

Adaptive Chroma Processing
Adaptive chroma processing is a high quality image-processing technology developed to precisely process each pixel of Blu-ray disc video signals in the vertical and horizontal directions. Vertical color data has been increased 1.5 times (compared with 2010 models), allowing adaptive chroma processing to reproduce color data more faithfully than ever before

2D-3D Conversion
Enables conversion of 2D images on DVDs and Blu-ray discs into 3D images with natural depth perception. Screen type (flat or round), and frame color are easily selectable. Watch your prized DVD movie collection in 3D for even greater viewing enjoyment. The new 2012 models can also convert content from VIERA Connect into 3D images of stunning depth

24p Output for VOD
The Blu-ray disc players and home theaters not only play Blu-ray discs and DVDs, but also video-on-demand movies content in the same 24p format as used at movie theaters. Connection to a 24p capable TV via an HDMI cable lets you enjoy a wide array of content with full cinematic picture quality

VIERA Connect
This new platform not only offers users greater convenience but greatly enhances enjoyment as well. Now, you can enjoy an even wider variety of Internet content with family and friends from the comfort of your living room

Skype Functions
Record an original message and use it as your answering video message. The message will play automatically when you receive a phone call while you are away

Video Voice Mail Recording
Callers can record messages while you are away onto an SD memory card so you can watch the messages when you return home

DLNA-certified Blu-ray disc players and home theaters are easy to use with your home network. Share and enjoy digital photos (JPEG), music (MP3, WMA) and videos (AVCHD, WMV) by simply connecting to a home network (LAN). For example, you can install a special app on your smartphone and use it to access a DLNA-certified PC via a Wi-Fi router in another room. The PC works as a DLNA server where your collection of movies, photos and videos is stored. You can access, browse and view media stored on the server while in another room without having to worry about shuffling discs

External HDD Playback
The 2012 Blu-ray disc players and home theaters are compatible with NTFS (NT File System) format external hard disk drives, so you can enjoy music (FLAC, MP3), photos (JPEG, MPO), and camcorder video content (AVCHD, MP4) archived on an external HDD

Smartphone Remote Control
Download the Panasonic remote control apps for free and turn your iPhone or compatible Android device into a versatile remote. You can also search for additional entertainment and movie information. By installing the Panasonic remote control apps onto your smartphone, you can easily operate your Blu-ray disc players and home theaters by tapping and swiping on your smartphone

Built-In Wi-Fi
A Wi-Fi system is built right into the main unit so you can enjoy VIERA Connect and BD-Live content without having to connect the Blu-ray disc players and home theaters with a LAN cable or wireless LAN adapter

Multi-User Mode
As many as four users can be registered. Not only can each user's name be set but also all of the user's favorite settings, including the user's icon, favorite home screen wallpaper, picture mode and audio mode

Touch Pad Remote Control
The remote controls for the DMP-BBT01, BDT500 and BDT320 have a touch pad for intuitive operation so you can simply swipe your fingertips across the remote control so you can easily navigate through the GUI on the screen

High Quality Sound
Pure audio on HDMI: Yes
High clarity sound plus: Yes
Digital tube sound: Yes
Analog 7.1ch output: Yes
96kHz surround re-master 10: Yes

Easy to Use
Touch pad remote: Yes
Smartphone remote control: Yes
Multi-user mode / Stylish GUI / Wallpaper: Yes VIERA Link (HDAVI Control 5): Yes

VIERA Connect: Yes
Wireless LAN system (Built-in): Yes
DLNA (DMP & DMR) function: Yes
Network drive access: Yes
BD-Live: Yes

- BD-ROM (BonusView; Profile 1.1)
- BD-ROM (BD-Live; Profile 2.0)
- BD-R/RE Playback
- AVC-HD (Disc / USB) Playback
- Blu-ray 3D™ playback
- DVD Video Playback
- Audio CD Playback
- DVD-R/RW (Video Format) Playback
- DVD-RW (VR Format) Playback
- DVD+R/RW Playback
- CD-R/RW Playback
- USB Playback
- DLNA Client (DMP/DMR)

- Power Requirements 110-240V 50/60Hz
- Power Consumption (in Operation) 11 W
- Power Consumption (in Standby) 0.10 W (in Normal Stand-by Mode)