PIONEER 3D Multi Zone All Region Code Free Blu Ray Disc Player DVD 0-8 BD A/B/C BDP-62FD / LX55 2D/3D SA-CD DVD-AUDIO 100~240V 50/60Hz

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BDP-62FD ELITE also known as LX55 in EU/AU   

Works on all TVs LED/LCD TVs

Built-in realtime video converter PAL/NTSC


100~240V 50/60Hz Automatic Switching 

High Quality Pioneer is Back super fast and with great picture and sound, Pioneer once again will rule the Blu ray markets !


  "Advanced Chipped "PRO MOD" 

Multi Zone Blu Ray A+B+C Region Code Free DVD 012345678


Works on all USA TVs 100% with perfect 1:1 conversion PAL to NTSC


Pioneer’s new Elite Blu-ray Disc player is designed with expanded playback capability to offer consumers more source material options for their music and movies. The BDP-62FD supports many of today’s most popular video and audio file formats including Flash Video (.flv), used by many online video sites, and high-quality audiophile FLAC files, made possible through DLNA® certification that allows music content to be shared from a PC via the user’s home network. The player supports DTS-HD® Master Audio™, Dolby® TrueHD, DVD-Audio, and Super Audio CD® high-quality audio formats on disc. Many of the BDP-62FD compatible file formats can be stored and retrieved from a USB thumb drive, USB hard drive (NTFS formatted) or via a home network. For convenience and custom installation flexibility, the BDP-62FD offers full IP and RS232 support including wake-up on LAN.

DLNA certification of the BDP-62FD enables the player to work as a DMP/DMR (Digital Media Player/Digital Media Renderer), allowing the user to push content directly from a portable source, such as a compatible smartphone. Through a network connection via Ethernet or the optional AS-WL300 wireless network adapter, the BDP-62FD provides access to popular entertainment network services including Pandora®, Netflix® and YouTube®. It’s even easier for users to search for and select videos to play through the player with a recent update from YouTube: its YouTube Leanback feature, available on the BDP-62FD.

The BDP-62FD is built with Marvell’s award-winning QDEO® technology, offering high quality video processing for maximum performance and flexibility to produce a more vivid, superior image. QDEO also captures, processes and renders a wider variety of video signals ranging from high definition Blu-ray Disc to content from portable video sources such as smartphones, for a truly immersive viewing experience. The new player offers 3D video output with the latest HDMI 1.4a connectivity, allowing for passage of the high data transfer rate required by the Blu-ray 3D format. Additional features to enhance video performance include support for HDMI 1080p/24 Hz output, 36-Bit Deep Color for accurate color reproduction, as well as Pioneer’s Stream Smoother and three separate noise reduction circuits to decrease video noise that can distort images and degrade video reproduction.

For added convenience, the new player is equipped with dual HDMI outputs allowing users to push content to two different displays such as a TV and projector simultaneously. The BDP-62FD also offers simplified control with Pioneer’s iControlAV2012 App that enables Apple’s iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch® to act as a basic remote control for the player when connected via a wireless router. The app is available for download at no charge from the App Store or Android Store.

System: NTSC/PAL DVD Region 012345678 BD Zone Blu-ray: A/B/C on any TV

This player has been unlocked to play both Blu-ray region A/B/C, as well as DVD region 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 (regionfree)

Switching between the Blu-ray Zones is performed using the original remote control. The DVD region is selected automatically.

  • The ultimate home theater experience starts with the source, the epicenter of both audio and video content, and if you are seeking uncompromised audio and video content, then the Pioneer Elite® BDP-62FD Blu-ray Disc® Player is your solution. The BDP-62FD is designed to elevate the home theater experience and provide unrivaled picture and audio quality, improved loading times, wireless capabilities, and audio and video streaming from Pandora®, YouTube®, and Netflix®.

    The BDP-62FD supports the latest high-quality formats including DTS®-HD Master Audio, Dolby® TrueHD, and Super Audio CD®. In addition to high-quality audio, the BDP-62FD can upconvert standard definition video sources for 1080p resolution displays for optimum image processing that delivers clear, sharp images with reduced noise… perfect for the classics.

    The real experience is in 3D

    3D takes a beautifully mastered audio and visual image then surrounds you in emotion, story, and adventure. The BDP-62FD offers pristine 1080p picture as well as 3D video output with the latest HDMI® spec, allowing for passage of the high data transfer rate required by the Blu-ray 3D format. True to Pioneer’s history and passion for audio, the BDP-62FD’s Pioneer-exclusive technologies also improve the audio experience, a critical component to completing a fully immersive 3D experience.

    DLNA™ 1.5 Compatibility

    Thanks to the BDP-62FD’s compatibility with DLNA servers and remotes, you’re able to liberate all the DLNA supported content from your Android® phone, PC and Macs running DLNA servers, bringing it into your home theater in a standardized form where it’s enhanced so you experience it the way it was intended.

    It even tells your receiver to make it all better

    Thanks to Pioneer’s Sound Retriever Link / Stream Smoother link, compressed audio and video are enhanced. The BDP-62FD sends a signal to compatible Pioneer receivers telling them to activate this feature to upgrade playback quality. So whether it’s coming from your network, a USB connection or an attached hard drive, with optimum audio and video enhancement it won’t feel like it.

    Faster Disc Loading

    Pioneer understands that you want your movie when you want it. That’s why the BDP-62FD powers on, loads discs and ejects them in a fraction of the time of earlier Blu-ray Disc players.

    Wireless Ready with AS-WL300 (sold separately)

    Access streaming services, and over-the-air firmware updates with auto-notification. The BDP-62FD lets you connect to your home network wirelessly using the AS-WL300 Wireless Adapter (sold separately).

    Full control at your fingertips

    Download the free Pioneer iControlAV2012 or ControlAPP app and use your iPhone, iPod® touch and select Android® devices as a full-fledged remote when your BDP-62FD is connected to your home network. The app allows you to control basic functions of the player. Simply access the Apple® App StoreSM or Google Play® Store and search iControlAV2012 or ControlAPP.

    The ultimate home theater experience starts at the source. And when that source is the Elite BDP-62FD, you can be sure you won’t find a more immersive video and audio experience in the category.



    • DLNA Certified™ (works as DMP/DMR, plays files from smartphones)
    • DTCP-IP Support
    • iControlAV2012 Ready/Control App Ready
    • YouTube®/Picasa®/Netflix® Viewing
    • Pandora® Internet Radio (Service available in the U.S. only)
    • Various Playable Formats
    • Wireless LAN Ready (Optional AS-WL300 required)


    • Blu-ray 3D™ Playback
    • Qdeo™ High-Quality Video Processor
    • Triple High-Definition Noise Reduction
    • Stream Smoother
    • 36-bit Deep Color/x.v.Color
    • HDMI 1080p/24 Hz Output


    • PQLS with HDMI
    • 192 kHz/24-bit Audio DAC
    • DTS-HD® Master Audio/Dolby® TrueHD Decoders
    • Sound Retriever Link


    • Dual HDMI Output (see left lower chart)
    • BD-Live™/BONUSVIEW™
    • USB 1 in on Front
    • Quick Start/Quick Tray
    • Continue Mode
    • Control with HDMI
    • Graphic User Interface (GUI) in HD Resolution
    • Auto Power Off
    • Firmware Update (Disc/USB/Network)
    • Multi-format Compatibility: The BDP-62FD supports a number of formats, including BD-ROM/BD-R/BD-RE, DVD-Video/DVD-R/DVD RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW, AVCHD/AVCREC, DVD-Audio/SACD, CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DTS-CD

    File Playback Compatibility (Disc/USB/Network)

    • DivX (.avi/.divx/.mkv)
    • MPEG-4 (.mp4/.3gp)
    • Flash Video (.flv)
    • WMV (.wmv)
    • AVI (.avi)
    • JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg)
    • FLAC (.flac)
    • MP3 (.mp3)
    • WMA (.wma)
    • LPCM (.wav)


    • Dual HDMI Output (Main/Sub)
    • Digital Coaxial Output
    • USB Input (1 front/1 rear)
    • Ethernet
    • RS-232C


    • Power Requirements: 110-240 V 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption: 23 W (12 W for Wake on LAN Mode)
    • Power Consumption During Standby: 0.3 W

    Approximate Dimensions:

    • Height: 3-3/8"
    • Width: 17-1/8"
    • Depth: 9-1/2"

    Approximate Weight:

    • Unit: 5.95 lbs
    • Shipping: 7 lbs
  • DVD REGION 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PAL/NTSC
  • BD ZONE A / B / C
  • 3D BD
  • Data BD: BD-REs and BD-Rs containing MP3/AAC/WMA audio files or JPEG still-image files
  • DVD-Video: pre-recorded DVD
  • DVD-R: record once DVD (including DL); Video and VR mode movies and MP3 or JPEG files
  • DVD-RW: rewritable DVD; Video and VR mode movies and MP3 or JPEG files
  • DVD+R: record once DVD (including DL); Video and +VR mode movies and MP3 or JPEG files
  • DVD+RW: rewritable DVD; Video and +VR mode movies and MP3 or JPEG files
  • CD: pre-recorded CD
  • CD-R: record once; CD-DA and MP3 or JPEG files
  • CD-RW: rewritable CD; CD-DA and MP3 or JPEG files
  • SA-CD
  • plays DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, and DVD+R & DVD+RW
  • plays high-def AVCHD files on home-burned DVDs
  • plays MP3 and JPEG files recorded to DVD
  • plays CDs


    Blu Ray Zone A B C
    File:Blu-ray regions without key.svg
    Watch DVD Region 1 2 3 4 5 6
    File:DVD-Regions with key-2.svg
    supported technologies